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вторник, 23 августа 2022 г.

Sleeping on your stomach – Good or bad? Here’s what you should know!


Most individuals are happy to obtain even a few hours of sleep since they all have busy lives and encounter many distractions throughout the day. People want nothing more than to get between the covers and go to sleep after a long, arduous day at work. What about the way you sleep, though? Some postures may help you sleep better at night, but once you're in bed, most people don't give it any thought.

Many individuals are unsure if it is bad for their health to sleep on their stomachs. Yes, in a nutshell, is the answer. According to a Mayo Clinic research, many individuals who sleep on their stomachs have joint, neck, and back discomfort that worsens the following day. Since the spine serves as a conduit for your nerves, spinal tension may cause discomfort wherever in your body. It has been shown that lying on your stomach exerts strain on your spine. The same goes for pregnant ladies and this posture. The infant has more space to move and is not forced up against the mattress while sleeping on the left side, which increases blood flow and oxygen intake.

A more neutral spinal posture and less snoring are two advantages of sleeping on your side.

The optimal position is said to be at the rear. By sleeping on your back, you may avoid body numbness and maintain your body in a neutral posture. Your skin will benefit from this sleeping posture as well. It lessens the likelihood that sleeping incorrectly may cause wrinkles, but it also aids in keeping the contour of the breasts.

Even if you are aware that lying on your stomach when sleeping is not recommended, here are some guidelines you may use:

1. Put a cushion under your pelvis. Pressure on your spine will be reduced since your back and spine will be in a more neutral posture.

2. Select a thin, soft cushion that will support the head and neck well and promote neutral spinal alignment.

3. Stretch right after waking up. The body will return to normal and the blood flow will become better by stretching, warming up, and doing a few easy activities.

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