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вторник, 23 августа 2022 г.

Man Throws His Brother’s Family Out After He Sees 9-Year-Old Nephew Steal His Engagement Ring


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A 26-year-old Reddit user with the nickname missingring_ talked about a $4k engagement ring that had vanished when his family began residing with him in April 2022. He later learned that his nephew had taken the ring thanks to a covert surveillance camera. The remainder of the OP describes how the nine-year-old, "has a propensity to steal stuff. He would often leave establishments with something in his pockets, which brought them into problems." The OP added that they don't "seem like they've done anything to stop it," despite the fact that the theft seems to be a trend.

Due to recent financial difficulties, the OP's family has been residing at his home, and he is unsure how to manage this situation. As the OP said, his brother "lost his job, and with all of their expenses, including rent, they couldn't make ends meet. He is now driving for Uber as he looks for employment so they may move out." He also said that he had some reservations about the arrangement "particularly because of [his] nephew but family is family." It turned out that his instinct was right, and this time the theft had genuine repercussions.

He "spent almost a year saving money for" the ideal engagement ring, according to the OP, who posted the thread. He kept it "hidden in [his] room beneath one of [his] drawers until the perfect time." However, "last week [the OP] found it was out of its box," despite being a cunning hiding place.

The OP had purchased "one of those cheap spy cameras" due to the nephew's bad behavior after he was "caught [the nephew] snooping in [his] room." He "told [his] brother to manage his damm child]" in addition to installing it. The OP reviewed the tape after the ring vanished and found "it proved [the nephew] was in there again while [OP] wasn't home." The OP notes that even though his "brother and his wife have shouted at [the nephew]," the ring has not yet shown up.

When the kid couldn't or wouldn't move the ring, the issue became worse. The relative "claims to have left it in the guest room beside the TV, but it is not there. The parents "went through all they had and his possessions too "all in vain Given that he knows "for a fact [his nephew is] lying about not having it since that's the same thing he claimed about one of [OP] watches he stole then ended up retrieving," the OP finds it difficult to trust the scenario.

The "brother informs [him] they can't locate anything at all" on the second day of looking. As a result, OP requested that his brother move into a hotel and said that they could no longer reside in the home until "they discover the ring" or "he repays [him] the $4k [he] spent on it."

Given how desperate their position is, he also said that his "brother was very agitated" at that point; nonetheless, the OP felt he couldn't overlook the fact that his nephew "took something incredibly significant to [him] that [cost] a lot of time and money." If they don't locate the ring, they have "a week to leave [his] residence," he said.

The OP's brother "won't stop calling [him] callous for allowing anything like this come between helping them out at a tough time" since the ultimatum, the OP claims. The OP acknowledged that at least his "nephew continues repeating he's sorry," but he was still not allowed to stay, according to the OP.

The OP, clearly unhappy, wrote: "Simply put, wanting them around right now is difficult. Don't even know what to do about the ring, and every time I consider it, I become so angry that it's difficult for me to care about their circumstance."

He then questioned if what he done was improper. Users instead offered every possible hiding place as an option to making that selection. Although some did advise filing a police complaint or going to small claims court, the most helpful comments advised the OP to inspect the drains.

The OP excitedly submitted an update saying the ring was "in their guest room" under the sink. After his girlfriend answered "yes," he quickly proposed, and she then made her pregnancy known. The father-to-proposal be's went well, but his family's relationship with him is still strained. "I don't have the energy for them anymore," he said. "His condition is their problem, and maybe they get him assistance before it's too late."

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