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Husband Who Refused to Wake Up To Tend To Baby Angry At Wife After Learning She Started Faking Sleep


Being awakened in the middle of the night as a new parent is essentially required (unless you can afford a nanny). This condition may be very stressful for new parents, leaving them worn out and irritable.

However, attending to a wailing kid in the middle of the night is also a labor of love that many parents equally share. Unfortunately, there are still some men who refuse to lose sleep over a screaming kid because they feel that their time and effort are more significant than their spouse's. Another Redditor shared how her spouse slept through their baby's nighttime cries and refused to get up to comfort him. As she became increasingly irate, she started pretending to be asleep in an effort to get her slothful husband to care for their infant.

The 26-year-old mother said she was exhausted from having to wake up often to care for their 6-month-old while her 33-year-old husband slept. He often claimed that he was "too fatigued" to care for their infant.

However, one day the husband overheard her explaining how she had pretended to be sleeping while speaking to her sister on the phone. The conversation quickly became hostile, with the husband calling his wife a "baby thing" and a "slut."

The wife gave the following account of their predicament:

I agree completely with Hubbs on everything. We do everything equally, with the exception of waking up in the morning with my kid.

He says he's too sleepy to get out of bed, so he leaves this 'job' to me.

Three to four times a night, my kid wakes up, so it happens often.

"When I would ask my husband to get up with the baby after waking him, he would respond that because I was awake, I should. since the birth of our son.

The new mother, fed up with the circumstance, made the decision to act sleeping whenever their kid screamed.

When our kid woke up, I began to pretend to be asleep since I'd had enough.

When our kid began sobbing, Hubbs would wake up, stare at me while I pretended to sleep, and then begin whispering my name to me in a hushed voice.

Then, Hebbs would sigh and mutter something before getting out of bed to view the infant.

When I don't hear our kid scream, he starts interrogating me about my "excessive sleep," causing my husband to deal with it.

She was successful in the short run, but the trick was uncovered when the guy overheard her confessing to her sister on the phone.

"I was telling my sister about it over the phone yesterday when he heard about it.

He said that I am playing silly games and failing to provide my son's demands the attention they need.

Boo hoo, I get no credit for being a dad, he retorted. I remarked that I was sick of doing everything for six months and then being embarrassed for asking him to assist.

"I don't get a medal because I pick up the infant and don't scale Everest. Wait till mum learns what you've been up to, he advised.

He said that once the dispute became heated, his mother referred to me as being careless with her kid and my husband's employment.

The man's indulgent mother naturally sided with him.

She said that although though it was my responsibility to wake up with the infant and hearing my kid scream should have awakened my maternal instincts, I was being unfair since I was picking on a hard-working guy who needed sleep in order to do well at work.

Hubbs has officially moved out after he said he called my bluff, and both of them were giving me hell for what I did.

He was essentially abdicating responsibility for evening child care to me as retribution for my despicable behavior.

She also posted a few updates to her original post, stating that she is presently on leave from work but will soon return, that her husband often involves his mother in their disagreements, and that she considers her mother-in-law to be "loud" and "intimidating."

Redditors chimed in and offered their opinions on the predicament.

He shouldn't expect you to wake up many times each night for months while he doesn't, considering that this is also his kid.

Another person said, "He's a parent too."

He hurried to his mother complaining about what you did, although he is only a little child.

He looks quite immature and doesn't appreciate the parenting duties you carry out.

"Stand your stand right now or things won't get better."

Third: "I'm going to give birth tomorrow, and my husband and I have already agreed that because he's a night owl and I'm a morning person, he'll work the 10p-2a shift and I'll work the 2a-6a shift.

It's absurd that his mother would take on his problems while we both get to sleep and assist.

What do you think about this?

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