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вторник, 23 августа 2022 г.

He demands that his mother give the engagement ring to her daughter-in-law, but she refuses: “it’s not a family heirloom”


He asks his mother to give his daughter-in-law the engagement ring, but she declines: It's not a treasured family heirloom.

A lady complained on Reddit that she didn't want to give her prospective daughter-in-law my engagement ring?

Sam, who is 26 years old, and Emily, his longtime love and now fiancée, have made the decision to wed. They secretly told my husband and me they were engaged, and after the immediate joy, they said they needed to talk to me about something significant.

Sam wanted to present Emily with my wedding band. Sam said that by doing this, he wouldn't have to start his marriage with a fresh diamond ring, which would have put him in debt. Emily also mentioned that she thought my ring looked great and would for me to give it to her.

Beautiful engagement ring here. Since my husband proposed to me with it, I have worn it every day, and, to be very honest, I plan to continue wearing it until I am old and grey. It is not a family heirloom, my ring. It was a gift from my hubby many years ago. I thus informed them that although I appreciated their interest in my ring, I want to retain it. I explained why I don't want to give up my ring just yet for the rest of my life above. However, when I'm elderly, I'd be more than delighted to give it to their future offspring.

Sam and Emily weren't pleased with my response, and Sam even referred to me as egotistical and materialistic. He questioned how I could allow him to incur debt for a new ring and said that diamonds are a swindle. As a consequence, Emily expressed sadness, stating she had thought my ring would become a family treasure and serve as a memento of our family's acceptance of her (I liked Emily and we got along well). They also let me to retain my wedding band, which meant I had other bands to wear.


We appreciate all of your comments. I liked reading about your personal wedding bands and non-diamond options. My husband stood up for me when our kid started fighting with me, telling him to leave and go away. He claimed to be on my side and to have supported my choice in regards to the ring, but he did acknowledge that he was pleased that I had such a strong attachment to the ring even after all these years.

Following the publication of the tale, hundreds of comments were left with thoughts and criticisms of her son and daughter-in-law.

"Bad enough that Emily was present too, but Emily really joined in to express her disappointment?!" read the top remark. This is jaw-dropping. Then, in order to avoid "starting their marriage in debt," they want to be given the OP's home. Throw away your whole money while you're at it since your life is essentially gone and you're becoming old! If I were in the OP's position, I'd be really wondering where we went wrong in raising this conceited AH and how he could have ended up this way. It's past due for them to mature.

That thing stunned me too, said another commenter. Not the best way to get along with your MIL. Additionally, they could always choose a less expensive stone if they are so bothered by "materialism" and the cost of a diamond. Pawn stores are stocked with other people's heirlooms and diamond rings at a discount if the OP insists on a real diamond but is still a cheap AH.

I suppose they truly want a diamond, but they don't want to pay for it themselves, the commentator said. How many AHs in total, both of them. This is a very selfish (outrageously nasty) request, in my view. It's hard to imagine that they would consent to ask you. Both of them are insane. However, despite calling it a "scam" or whatever, it seems that they truly do want a diamond. And no way in hell can they take yours. What a pair of scumbags.

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