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вторник, 23 августа 2022 г.

Dear Men, If You Can’t Marry A Woman, Don’t Do These 3 Things To Her


You should never say or do something as a guy that you cannot follow through on. There are certain things you shouldn't do to a lady if you are in a relationship with her and you know you won't get married.

If you can't marry her, avoid doing these three things to her.

1. Never make a woman a marriage proposal if you don't intend to follow through on it: If you're seeing a woman you know you won't be able to wed, don't make her a marriage proposal. She has great expectations from you to become your wife, and if you let her down, she won't be satisfied.

2. If you can't marry a lady, you can't have a relationship with her. It will harm you if she criticizes you because you didn't wed her. If a lady is not your wife, do not make out with her.

3. Dear guys, never get her pregnant if you know you won't be married to her. If you want her to be the mother of your unborn children, you may want to pay her bride price and get married to her. Don't get pregnant with her if you don't intend to wed her. If she isn't prepared to wed or doesn't want to, you should let her know so she may find someone else to tie the knot with and you can keep your promise.

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