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вторник, 23 августа 2022 г.

Bride Wants ‘In Sickness’ Removed From Wedding Vows As She ‘Hates’ Caring For Sick People


Loving couples may have weddings, which they will treasure for the rest of their life together. The couple celebrates it with all of their invited friends and family in addition to each other. A wedding requires extensive preparation, which includes choosing flower arrangements, putting up decorations, and selecting delicious food and music.

While these love rituals are often delicate and full of wonder, they sometimes bring out people's rougher sides. Brides might sometimes get a bit tense when organizing their one really unique day, earning them the nickname "bridezilla." As they strive to create the ideal day, they could come off as being unreasonable or too demanding. These women place a great deal of importance on their ceremonies and receptions, so having complete control over every part of the wedding is essential to them.

One bride was delighted to have customary vows in her ceremony, but she wanted to change one sentence. She wanted to leave out the part about being there for one another in times of health and happiness since she dislikes caring for ill people and truly just wanted to be there in such situations.

In April 2022, the bride asked Redditors whether she was crazy to want to do that. After that, her message was removed, but it was later published again that day, this time to the r/bridezilla site. Internet users filled the comment area, exposing the woman's self-centered actions.

The original poster (OP) of this Reddit post began by saying:

"I know this seems harsh, but I detest caring for the ill. I simply detest it, I'm sick of it, and I hate feeling forced or compelled to take care of someone. My life is filled with times and events like this, and I just want to finally enjoy it to the fullest. My siblings and I are constantly taking care of our parents whenever they are sick.

OP continued by expressing her excitement about her impending nuptials, saying: "I'm going to get married to my gorgeous boyfriend and the greatest person in the world shortly. He is such a blessing to have at my side. She said that with a little modification on her part, they intended to include conventional Christian vows in their wedding ceremony. The pair plans to utilize the following vows:

According to God's sacred ordinance, I, ___, take thee, ___, to be my married wife, to have and to keep from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or worse, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part, and to this I swear my trust.

I'm planning to have a similar one to this one, except I won't include the "in illness" section, the OP said. It will be changed to "in happiness" by me. But her fiance didn't think this was a good sign. Added her:

The OP stated, "My fiancé claims he won't accept this and he's quite upset with me; he's even second-guessing the entire affair." It's simply a marriage promise, but I really don't want to take care of anybody who is ill, and I believe he is being quite unfair right now.

Since then, OP has questioned whether it was right for her to want to alter the wedding vows since, in reality, she has little interest in caring for ill people. Many Reddit users expressed in the comment section how disrespectful and self-centered they thought she was being given that she still wanted her fiancé to take care of her in good times and bad. One person said:

"'In health and in happiness.' So, not only are you not going to care for the "love of your life" if he is ill, but the phrase "in happiness and in health" implies that you will only be around when things are going well. It doesn't sound like marriage is for you, so don't do it.

Added someone else:

The problem is not how the vows are phrased. The problem is that you only want a partner who can do all you want him to do and is healthy. But it's a fact of life that we will all get ill at some point.

You can't love someone in slices, a third user chimed in. The good and the terrible must be accepted. Others noted that the OP need to really take into account her prospective future as a spouse and mom. Reddit user said:

Shouldn't marry you if this is your mentality. Or, for that matter, be in a committed relationship. Don't have children either. My immune system wasn't functioning properly when I was young, so I became ill often. So happy my mom took care of me despite her claim that she "hates taking care of ill people." My contempt for you has no end.”

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