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вторник, 23 августа 2022 г.

A Stranger On An Airplane Gave Her $100 Years Ago And Changed Her Life. Now She’s Trying To Find The Mystery Woman To Thank Her


Many people's lives may be changed by an one act of kindness. Life may be challenging for certain people, particularly those who lacked the financial means to prosper from birth. Today's tale centers on a lady who has experienced financial difficulty. She was born in Yugoslavia and immigrated to the United States in 1999 together with her sister. They received a blessing from a total stranger, and they went to thank this person.

As refugees, Ayda Zugay and her sister Vanja kept their baggage packed at all times in case they needed to escape right away. Their Boston flat was empty and unfilled with personal items. She had long been preserving the envelope that fundamentally altered their life.

When Ayda Zugay was 12 years old, she and her elder sister left Yugoslavia. Only their clothing and a little bag containing a few necessities were carried on their backs. They were on their way to the United States in 1999. A lady approached just as they were about to start their drop, and they sat together with the whole light. She was unknown to everyone, and she was unwilling to identify herself. They received an envelope and were instructed to keep it closed until they got there. Ayda's elder sister opened the letter, which had Tracy's first name printed on the front. They unwrapped the present and discovered a gorgeous set of earrings together with a $100 cash.

They were able to get by for a whole summer on the $100 in cash they were given when they initially arrived. Their lives altered when they were able to purchase food. Ayda and her sister were resolved to find Tracy, whose last name they were unfamiliar with, and find out where she resided. They are still looking today.

Recently, Ayda posted videos on Twitter outlining her motivations for wanting to track down Tracy. She states on the video at one point:

"I hope you can assist me in expressing my thanks to Tracy for her generosity, compassion, sensitivity, and embrace of my sister. Have your relatives, friends, or anybody else ever told you a tale similar to this?

Ayda is familiar with it since she has already recounted it several times. Even though the lady at the time couldn't speak English, Vanja managed to communicate with her. She spoke about her memories and her imagined presence in the video. She said:

Tracy is an accomplished tennis player who is middle-aged or older and has previously traveled for the sport at this stage. We met her on that trip from Paris to Amsterdam, where she would have slept at a Holiday Inn and played tennis. On May 31, 1999, she was scheduled to take a flight from Amsterdam to Minnesota.

One of the many things we can thank the internet for is how simple it allows it to distribute knowledge. Tracy had relayed the tale to her friends, who were already acquainted with it. The footage was discussed with her by them. Her full name is Tracy Peck, and she is seventy years old.

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