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вторник, 23 августа 2022 г.

5 reasons why married men won’t leave their wives for side chicks


Every time a man cheats on his wife, he vows to leave her and wed one of these other females.

The partner will often be charged as being bad in bed, elderly, and obese, among other things. What's this? They will not abandon her.

Men who constantly cheat on their spouses appear to thrive on balancing their lives and allocating time to both their family and their covert relationship. It's similar to taking large bites out of your cake repeatedly yet still eating the whole thing.

Several factors prevent dishonest married men from deserting their partners in favor of side women.

1. an image thing

Men who are married are aware of their elevated social standing and often do not want to lose it. Many c.h.e.a.ting men hold prestigious positions in organizations across society, including the church, mosques, businesses, etc.

The last thing on their thoughts is abandoning their husbands for the sake of the side chick, mistress, or sugar girl.

2. Wives consent to it

With phrases like "all men cheat" and "it's okay if he cheats as long as he respects me enough to keep it away from me," women have given men permission to cheat as often as they need.

The standard is lowered if women consciously seek to remain unaware of their husband's cunning tactics. Wives let these men to travel, refusing to hold them to the anticipated norm of loyalty but standing by to welcome them home at any moment.

Girls are not entirely to blame for this, however. The social framework forces ladies to accept and feel that being with a cheater is preferable than being alone at a certain age, or worse, single with kids or divorced.

3. He values his spouse.

Although it may seem nonsensical, it does seem to occur when a man loves his wife and cheats on her. Even if they have made a firm and unwavering choice to never let go of them no matter how fantastic a mistress becomes, many men who profess to adore their spouses have been known to have side chicks.

This sort of guy often views the side woman as a game, thus he must have previously divided his thoughts to maintain this perspective. He wouldn't abandon his wife for her; he would take up the sidekick.

4. His offspring

Married men also stay with their spouses rather than dumping them for side women because they want their children to grow up in a "functioning" and "full" home.

5. Why change a strategy that is effective?

You might have given him s all along without making a commitment, giving him the chance to enjoy your lovely body before going home to his family at night. Why would he then decide to change it at this point?

A successful procedure cannot be changed. The dishonest individual will constantly want to get both advantages.

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